About US

The Phoenix Resource Centre (Northampton) Limited

The Phoenix Resource Centre is a registered charity whose main objectives are the protection and preservation of the environment for the public benefit by the promotion of waste reduction, re-use reclamation, recycling, the use of recycled and surplus products. Our secondary objectives are the provision of resources for the use in creative play, the arts, rehabilitation, education, sensory work, fundraising and for disadvantaged groups and individuals. The areas of society that we primarily focus on are children, youth, the elderly, disabled, disadvantaged, charities, not-for profit, voluntary groups and those involved with the arts.  We are a company limited by guarantee and licenced by the Environment Agency.

The Phoenix Resource Centre is a unique, ground breaking concept.

It is not only our approach and way of working that makes Phoenix unique, but also our external projects and partnerships. These include process centre projects with the National Autistic society and CANTO, a process project with Employability – a mental health rehabilitation and back to work organisation, various workshops including a junk modelling workshop for over 400 children, an art and junk modelling partnership with an eco-park, a partnership with a leading university, partnerships with various international charities bringing our work to over 56 different countries, as well as lower key projects locally to our centres. We started projects with the Northamptonshire Youth Offending Services and Tresham College.

Phoenix has continued to build on existing projects as well as undertaking new ones including working with Harlow Educational Consortium, running alternative education lessons in retail, Fashion, Inclusive media, under our project name Vision4Arts Academy – which has since been rebranded Phoenix Centre for the Arts and Education at the request of local schools, to reflect the connection to Phoenix Resource centre. We strengthened our partnerships with Samaritan’s Purse, The Belarus project and Lifeline Romania, taking our work internationally, and local and National organisations including Harlow Foodbank, Streets2Home, several Homeless projects, Spire Homes, to name a few.

Through our member organisations we have helped over 300,000 children with resources, over 60,000 individuals with special needs, helped organisations including schools, pre-schools and charities raise £100,000’s, which in turn has saved our suppliers £100,000’s. 

one saving to a single supplier was in excess of £250,000, but more importantly than this Phoenix resources has directly saved 1000’s of tons of re-usable resources from going into UK landfill sites.

We have also joint venture partnerships with international charities West African Relief and Feed the Hungry – which takes the total to 56 different countries we are working with through our many partner organisations.

Since 2013 we were able to take up to 200 tons of resources per week at our warehouse facilities, these are all usable resources that would otherwise have been sent to landfill sites .

During the last few years we have been steadily adding other countries to our international aid programs sending Aid containers to Peru and Kurdistan. With an increase of pro vision of medical, food and education aid to help improve the quality of life. We also have started joint work projects in Sierra Leone, as well as increasing the work we do in the UK. Whilst some of our projects, including the training academy partnership with Rushmere ran there course, others, including our Recording Studio, our infinity Greenscreen Film & Photography Studio, Phoenix Community Radio Station, and a more recent addition to our portfolio The Phoenix Digital Creative Hub, a unique space allowing access to the public free of charge. The building is fitted out with Apple Mac computers , laptops and tablets and all loaded with music and graphic software. Due to one of our projects with the Kurdistan government, we were fortunate enough to be invited to and mentioned at a reception in Parliament. Some of our new partners during 2013 included Women’s Institute, Rotary International, Harlow and Essex police, Papworth Trust, Northamptonshire Community Foundation, Esther Community Enterprises and 6 Northamptonshire Foodbanks.

  • we have increased the number of UK organisations that we are regularly helping to over 1200.

  • Directly helped over 1 million people in the UK.

  • Increased the amount and variety of international aid through our charity partners.

  • Increased and started UK based projects.

  • Continued to increase the amount of resources re-directed from UK landfill sites – now up to 380 tons per week,

  • The cost saving directly to UK industry – up to £78,000 per week,

  •  The impact saving on the environment in financial terms equates to £785,000 Per week

During 2014 to 2015 we managed to build on our existing projects, especially Harlow based, with the start of Phoenix Studios, and Northamptonshire based, CANTO project. We have also started two very exciting new projects, Phoenix Northamptonshire Food Hub and our secure destruction project. We also achieved FACT certification for our secure destruction.

Through our partnerships with West African Relief and Feed the Hungry we are now proud to be working on projects not only providing eco-aid, but also as importantly food-aid and medical-aid to a host of countries, all these projects diverting resources away from landfill sites.

Our success and rapid expansion with continued need to expand has been due to many factors. These include our outlook and unique approach, a dedicated team, our ability to change in line with the demands from new and existing suppliers whilst meeting our member’s needs, our ground-breaking processes with an in-exhaustive ability to think outside the box, generous amounts of help and support along the way from suppliers, landlords, councils, MP’s and others who have been impressed by the Phoenix approach. We are heavily committed to our partners, especially West Africa Relief, Feed the Hungry, Samaritans Purse, National Autistic Society, Canto and all of our projects, whilst still remaining focussed on the centres and our core activity.

During 2015 to 2016 we have built on and developed new and existing projects, as well as continuing to help all of our existing partners and members.

We have recently been awarded Northamptonshire Trailblazer Charity of the year by the Community Foundation, in recognition of our work, major positive social impact, large scale project delivery and for going above and beyond in Northamptonshire.


Our current projects can be broken down as follows:


  • Resource Centre

  • International Aid Depot

  • Bulk Warehousing

  • Restorative Justice

  • Food Hub

  • Employability for long term unemployed

  • Phoenix Employability and Disability Support Services (including our partnership projects with CANTO, National Autistic Society and Olympus Care)


  • Resource Centre

  • Film Studio with Infinity Curve Green Screen

  • Recording Studio

  • Arts and Craft Centre

  • Radio Station

  • Live Lounge – live Music, Shows and Events

  • Creative Digital Hub 

And most recently, we have registered our own NGO in Ghana – Phoenix Resource Centre (Global Aid) Ltd, this is to run our own Maternity and Children’s Hospital – Phoenix Maternity and Medical Hospital, based in Accra, the capital of Ghana. We have been given the hospital by the Chief Medical Officer in response to a request to help with Maternal Death and infant mortality within the region. This is a new build and whilst almost completed, we do have to raise the money to finish, equip and run for the first 12 months. We were asked for help as we have already been working with partners in country, providing containers of aid for the last 2 ½ years and have built a credible reputation. This is the first project in a 10 year plan of support for the country. This adds a new dimension to Phoenix as up to now we have been working with partners, but now as it is all being run by ourselves, we can give immediate traceability and proof of use for any products we send abroad – essential for our suppliers who have a need to dispose of products overseas, along with providing peace of mind and great CSR.

The money to be raised only includes the first 12 months running cost as a condition we placed on the help was that the Hospital will have to be self-sustainable within country. To this extent, we have also been given land to develop phase 2.

Phoenix is run by 4 active trustees who are hands on 6 days a week, supported by only 2 part-time paid employees and a core of 20 dedicated volunteers. Our projects also run with the help of over 130 volunteers weekly. 

Some of our Green Corporate Suppliers

  • Macflex

  • Tesco

  • Sainsbury

  • Wincanton

  • Waitrose

  • John Lewis partnership

  • NHS

  • Boots

  • Chamberlain Plastics

  • Office Depot

  • DHL

  • Wetherspoons Pubs

  • Booker Cash and Carry Group

  • Chef Direct

  • Beer 52

  • BJ Books

  • Titan Publishing

  • Whitworths

  • DLS Medical

  • Milbrook Healthcare