18 September 2017

Phoenix Advertising Media – Harlow, the Rise of the Social Enterprise.

The latest addition to the Phoenix portfolio is Phoenix Advertising Media – Harlow.

This Social Enterprise is offering advertising to local businesses through broadcasting in Terminus Street Bus Station. “One of the benefits of advertising with us is businesses can build their brand identity by getting their advert played on a regular basis at an affordable cost.” Said the company’s director, Peter Baker.

Peter went on to say, “Our intention is to create a self-sustaining business through commercial activity and then put the excess profit to good use to support and finance our wellbeing agenda in Essex.”

A Social Enterprise or Community Interest Company much as the name would suggest operates along commercial lines to generate profit and then re-invests this profit to address and improve community wellbeing, both environmental and human, within which it sits. A Social Enterprise has a social mission and is a not-for-profit organisation and fits in-between our current, global economic model.

Current Economic Model

     Charity <------------------------------------------------------------------>Private Enterprise
     Not-for profit                                                                               profit    

Social Enterprise        

                 social Impact <--------------------------------------------> Profit

The Phoenix Group have been established in Harlow as an environmental charity for nearly seven years and started by intercepting perfectly good products from being put into landfill.

They now redistribute these products and to date have supported projects in over 61 countries including the UK. One of the many UK projects is the redistribution of food to among others, foodbanks, homeless shelters, family centres etc, through its UK food hub.

In addition to their charitable work, the Phoenix Group have also opened a number of Social Enterprises in Harlow, namely Phoenix Live a community radio station, Phoenix Live Lounge, an entertainment venue in Harlow, Phoenix Boutique Studios, a professional recording studio, Phoenix Studios offering the largest green screen facility in the South-East, and a DWP Employability Project for ex-offenders.

Phoenix is working with Harlow Council’s Regeneration Team to provide local community information and stream news through to Terminus Street. It was also agreed to play classical music from 8pm in the evening through to 4am. Evidence suggests this helps to deter anti-social behaviour.

We are keen to engage local enterprises, community groups and charities and help them promote their activities and services. We can offer a complete consultancy service and even help identify your USP and write your advert. This will then be recorded by a professional voiceover artist and then digitally mastered ready to be aired in Terminus Street and through our Radio Station.”

If you are interested in finding out more you can contact us at www.phoenixresourcescentre.com or contact Peter Baker on 07838 542 556 or email him at peter@phoenixresourcescentre.com.

4th, 5th & 6th of August 2017

Phoenix Pull Big acts into Harlow to celebrate the 70th Birthday.

In August Harlow celebrated its 70th Anniversary with some amazing acts and performers over a three day extravaganza last weekend.  A joint collaboration between Phoenix Group with its music industry connections and Harlow Council’s Regeneration Team the event was aimed at breathing life back into Market Square.  Andrew Richardson said, “This event goes to show what can be done with a limited budget.” 

Tech Fest was jointly funded by the Council and the Phoenix Group, a recycling charity and group of social enterprises designed to generate opportunity and employment within the local community. Through social enterprises the Phoenix Group are able to utilise excess profits and create sustainable community resources and services. 

Their current Harlow portfolio consists of radio advertising through Terminus Street and local radio, an intimate live lounge for live performances, photography and film studio, a recording studio, a resources centre selling end of line goods, materials and things of interest and an educational supply service, ideal for Primary School teachers who look for materials to bring their classrooms to life.

The Phoenix Group are particularly grateful to Lindsey Robertson, a local photographer who kindly donated the photos for this pictorial report from Friday evening while the heavens opened. wwww.lnzphoto.com | contact@lnzphoto.com | 07745584061