Harlow celebrated its 70th Anniversary with some amazing acts and performers over a three day extravaganza last weekend.  A joint collaboration between Phoenix Group with its music industry connections and Harlow Council’s Regeneration Team the event was aimed at breathing life back into Market Square.  Andrew Richardson said, “This event goes to show what can be done with a limited budget.” 

Tech Fest was jointly funded by the Council and the Phoenix Group, a recycling charity and group of social enterprises designed to generate opportunity and employment within the local community. Through social enterprises the Phoenix Group are able to utilise excess profits and create sustainable community resources and services. 

Their current Harlow portfolio consists of radio advertising through Terminus Street and local radio, an intimate live lounge for live performances, photography and film studio, a recording studio, a resources centre selling end of line goods, materials and things of interest and an educational supply service, ideal for Primary School teachers who look for materials to bring their classrooms to life.

The Phoenix Group are particularly grateful to Lindsey Robertson, a local photographer who kindly donated the photos for this pictorial report from Friday evening while the heavens opened. wwww.lnzphoto.com | contact@lnzphoto.com | 07745584061