Phoenix Advertising Media Harlow

turning profit into local community aid

Who we are

We are a social enterprise working with Harlow Council, Phoenix Live (Harlow Community Radio) and the Harvey Centre to provide community information and advertising for residents and businesses.

We can advertise your business at radio quality through our music-information broadcast systems.

We can reach about 100,000 people at Terminus Street Bus Station and over 180,000 people in the Harvey Centre in any seven day period.

Combined that is your advert potentially reaching 10,700,000 people each year.

How it works

We’ve tried to keep this simple.

Recording your advert

Step One:           

Option 1              Standard voice over and music                    £40.00

Option 2              Studio recorded and mastered advert        £250.00

Option 3              As above plus music artists and jingles      £150.00 per artist

*Option 3 is if you require multiple actors or music artists in a conversational piece.

How much it costs

Whether you decide to advertise in the Bus Station or the Harvey Centre it will cost the same flat fee.

For Example

1) Your advert played 90 times per month would cost you £3.00 per play.

2) Your advert played 270 times over three months would cost you £2.70 per play.

3) Your advert played 540 times over six months would cost you £2.40 per play.

Benefits of Advertising in the bus station & harvey centre

  1. Helps reinforce your brand through repetition, repetition, repetition

  2. Around 100,000 footfall in Terminus Street each week

  3. Advert can be scheduled for peak periods (premium slots available)

  4. Cost effective and inexpensive compared to radio advertising

  5. Reaches a local audience from Harlow and surrounding area

  6. Advertising with us helps meet corporate, social responsibility objectives

  7. Professionally recorded and mastered advert

  8. Industrial sound and recording technology - Radio quality

  9. Consultancy service to help identify your USP (unique selling point)

  10. Flexible Advertising deals to meet your budget

Cost Comparison.

Radio advertising costs are approximately £2.00 per 1000 listeners.  This is why the advertising industry is such a lucrative business.

The same deal for one year on radio you could expect a cost of around £500,000.00

Want to advertise with us?

Simply contact Peter Baker on 07838 542 556 /

Harvey Centre Premium Slots

Premium 1

Monday to Friday 12:00 to 14:45 gives you 60 adverts per month at peak periods. That is 3 adverts every hour each day.

Premium 2

Saturday and Sunday, advert played 9 times a day, 72 times a month. That is 9 adverts per day and 3 adverts each hour.

Some sample adverts

Simply get in touch to find out more...

Peter Baker
at Phoenix Advertising Media Harlow

07838 542 556