Project Funding

we are looking for any funding you might be able to offer. If you would like to contribute to a project please add your details below and one of our volunteers will contact you

there are many ways in which you can get involved in helping us with all of our many ongoing projects. we welcome sponsorship from companies or individuals that have a particular interest in a particular project. if you would like to sponsor us by funding a particular project please drop us a line in the description box.

another way you can help us is by making a donation. if you would like your donation to go directly to a specific phoenix resources project just let us know which one in the description box provided.


phoenix resources centre is first and foremost an eco-environmental charity. 

if you are a large business or corporation that sends a significant amount of your surplus stock/materials for destruction at landfill every year

why not let us take this stock from you in the form of a donation.

this would save your company not only the cost of destruction, but also more importantly will save tons of surplus stock from being buried or burnt every year at landfill sites across the uk.

keep your company eco-friendly

if this is something your company is interested in pursuing you can contact us using the form below, please leave a brief description regarding any points of interest you might have and we will offer your company a realistic solution that will also meet your company corporate social responsibility.

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