Resource Centres

We currently have 2 Resource Centres, located in Northamptonshire and Essex.

By paying a one-off lifetime membership fee of just £10, members can purchase tokens to visit and collect valuable materials for their lessons, fundraising and to support their relevant client groups.

We take in and collect surplus, unwanted and damaged stocks, clean waste (i.e. fabric and card off-cuts), and other unwanted items from industry – all of which would normally end up in a landfill site. We then sort the items and place into our Resource Centres for redistribution to our members.

We hold a massive stock of resources including wood, MDF, foam board, fabric, buttons, stickers, paper, card, wool, candles, toys and books for lessons. We even have aftershave, gifts and home-ware for fundraising purposes. We ensure schools, pre-schools, nurseries, youth groups and other members can make massive savings on resources for activities and raise much needed funds.

The majority of the items available to members are used in craft activities, fundraising or education. Our members include hospitals, other charities, (these include charitable groups that help special needs / mental health / elderly / infirm / impoverished and low achiever groups) uniformed youth groups, (including the Scouts, Guides and Brigades) schools, nurseries and other children’s / youth groups. Many of these groups are under-funded, so we are able to provide them with much needed resources for a low membership fee.